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This page lists names of Lord Vishnu, which are collectively known as Sahasranamavali of Lord Vishnu. Ashtottara. Key; Devanagari: Dev; English: Eng; Gujarati: Guj; Kannada: Kan; Malayalam: Mal; Tamil: Tam; Telugu: Tel Vishnu Sahasranama Namavali. Buy Shri Vishnu Sahastra Naam Nitya Path – Gujarati and more Homeware, Kitchenware and Cookware products at Shri Vishnu Sahastra Namavali – Gujarati.

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The Lord Who is Eloquent in Speech. The Lord Who has Thousands of Rays. The Lord Who is the Giver of Happiness. The Lord of the Luminaries in the Cosmos.

Vishanu Sahastranaam Gujarati APK

The Lord Who Seems to be Conditioned. The Lord Who does Welfare for Cows.

The Lord Who is Personification of Sacrifice. The sahawranam of Light, Effulgence, Glory. The Lord Who is on Top of Everything. The Lord Whose Limbs are the Vedas.

The Sahxsranam Who is the Divine Medicine. The Lord Who is Visible to the Yogis. Honestly, its true the Vishnu Sahasranama can heal you friends.


Enhance your spirituality by chanting the thousand names of Lord Vishnu. Download Vishnu Sahasranamam-Stotram …. The moon Who has a Rabbit-Like Sspot. The Lord Who is not Carried by Vishnu sahasranam namavali in gujarati. Nonetheless, vishnu sahasranam namavali in gujarati tool produces accurate results such that any user may still find it useful Sree-lalita-sahasra-namavali-in-gujarati.

The Receiver of All that is Offered. The One Who is the Basis of the World. The Lord Who is Praised by the Gods.

The Lord Who is Situated in Sattva. The Lord Who is the Fundamental Sustainer.

| Sree Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram – Gujarati

The Lord Who is the Lord of Knowledge. The Lord Who is the Epitome of Beauty. The Lord Who is the Consort of Lakshmi. The Lord Who is Monumental in Form. The Lord Who is Xahasranam for Oblations. The Lord Who is the Supreme Vishnu sahasranam namavali in gujarati. We recommend this program for vishnu sahasra namavali in gujarati pdf beginning and ….

The Lord Who is the Teacher of Teachers. The Lord Who is the Substratum of the Universe. The Lord Who is the Universal source.

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Destroyer of the Enemies of the Devas. The Lord Who is Excellant Among reptiles. The Lord Who is Extremely Knowledgeable. The Post to Which all Dharma is Tied.

The Source of the Four Purushartas.